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Vision Zero 

Vision zero means zero casualties, zero greenhouse gas emissions and zero air pollution from road transport. Cities need to prioritise, with urgency, people above vehicles.Vision Zero campaign>


Community action

Community campaigning can help save lives and the planet. Speak up for road safety where you live and green, clean, fair transport for everyone in your community. Get campaigning >


Pledge if you drive 

The responsibility for transforming our roads to be safe and sustainable lies with governments. But people who drive can make a massive difference too. Start now. Sign the Pledge >

stand up

Save kids' lives

Road death is the biggest killer of young people globally, and 500 children are killed on roads every day. The rights of children are infringed by danger and pollutionMore on child and youth safety >


A global epidemic 

Road death is the ninth biggest killer globally: 1.2 million people die every year. It is an epidemic, with the worst casualty rates in the poorest nations. Read about the carnage >


CO2 and clogged air 

Transport is the main user of oil and a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, killing our planet and causing millions of respiratory disease deaths. Change the way we move. Read more >