Calendar of global road safety events

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APRIL 2017

26 April 2017
Young Driver Focus 2017
Organisers: FirstCar, Road Safety GB & RAC Foundation
Location: London, UK

MAY 2017

2-4 May 2017
Vision Zero Cities Conference
Location: New York City, USA

3-5 May 2017
2nd International Road Safety Congress: Road Safety for Connectivity and Productivity
Location: Santiago, Chile

8-14 May 2017
Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week
Organiser: UN Road Safety Collaboration
Location: Global

11-12 May 2017
Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition
Organiser: Australasian Fleet Management Association
Location: Melbourne, Australia 

21-24 May 2017
Safer Roads Conference
Organiser: NZ Transport Agency
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

JUNE 2017

7-9 June 2017
6th International Symposium on Naturalistic Driving Research
Organiser: Various
Location: The Hague, Netherlands 

14 June 2017
Vision Zero Conference
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

12-15 June 2017
1st International Roadside Safety Conference
Organisers: Transportation Research Board
Location: San Francisco, USA

JULY 2017

5-6 July 2017
The Future of Transportation World Conference
Location: Cologne, Germany


27-30 August 2017
XXIX International Baltic Road Conference
Organisers: The Baltic Road Association
Location: Tallin, Estonia

28 August-1 September 2017
European Road Safety Summer School 2017
Organisers: The Flemish Foundation for Traffc Knowledge
Location: Mechelen, Belgium


29 September 2017
Project Edward – 'European Day Without a Road Death'
Organisers: TISPOL, Europe
Location: Europe


10-12 October 2017
Australasian Road Safety Conference
Organisers: ACRS, Austroads, ARRB and C-MARC
Location: Perth, Australia

11-12 October 2017
6th IRTAD Conference: Better Road Safety Data for Better Safety Outcomes
Organisers: International Transport Forum
Location: Marrakech, Morocco

17-19 October 2017
RSS2017 - Road Safety & Simulation International Conference
Organiser: Delft University of Technology & SWOV
Location: The Hague, Netherlands


7-10 November 2017
CODATU XVII and UMI Conference - Transport for inclusive urban societies
Organiser: Institute of Urban Transport
Location: Hyderabad, India

14-17 November 2017
18th IRF World Road Meeting
Organiser: International Road Federation
Location: Delhi, India


25-26 December 2017
ICTTP 2017: 19th International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Psychology
Organisers: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET)
Location: Dubai, UAE

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